Church of Sweden Youth recognizes Ecocide as an international crime

The Church of Sweden Youth supports the demand to recognize ecocide as an international crime and call on the Church of Sweden to do the same. It is a matter of justice, according to the statement from the Annual Assembly meeting on 5-7 August: “As part of the worldwide church, we have brothers and sisters all over the world. When injustices occur in other parts of the world, we can not close our eyes because it does not happen here. Responsibility for the creation knows no bounds. “

Hanna Soldal. Photo by Magnus Aronson.

It feels great that we are now officially behind the demand to recognize ecocide as an international crime, says Hanna Soldal, Coordinator of Global advocacy and Youth participation at the Church of Sweden Youth. For the sake of nature, but also for all people who depend on it; today and in the future. We believe that it is precisely this type of initiative that can give us humans hope and strength to continue to fight for a healed creation.

The Church of Sweden has a strong voice both nationally and internationally, and it should be used to influence the Swedish government and international partners with the aim of making ecocide an internationally recognized crime, the statement continues, and concludes:

“As Christians, we have been given the task to protect and nurture the Earth and everything that lives here. A law that criminalizes large-scale and systematic environmental destruction can not only save our creation and our future. It can also give hope to those who think that hope is gone. for our planet.”

It may sound paradoxical that the introduction of a new crime is a hopeful act, but we often encounter that response. It is fabulous to hear it with such clarity from young people, says Pella Thiel, chairman of End Ecocide Sweden. This is an important decision towards the launch of Faith for Ecocide Law, where we are blessed with Hanna Soldal as one of the speakers.