Swedish Bishops backs the call for Ecocide law towards COP26

In a statement towards the UN climate conference COP26 in Glasgow, the 14 bishops of the Church of Sweden (lutheran) including Archbishop Antje Jackelén connect Ecocide to climate change and climate justice. “Have we abandoned our responsibilities and left our children and grandchildren to foot the bill? How can we create a fair transition? What dare we hope for?” asks the bishops, as they hope for, and call for, ecocide law.

“The Bishops’ Conference also backs the call for ecocide to be an internationally recognised crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court” is the very clear message from the bishops. The statement follows a decision from the Church of Sweden Youth, who in August decided to support a crime of Ecocide and called on the Church of Sweden to use its strong voice to do the same, a call which now was responded to.

“The issue of climate justice is rooted in a biblical idea. Jesus reminds us that a person who has much also has great responsibility” write the bishops. From a legal perspective, a person who has much power also has great responsibility, and should be held accountable by law for justice to prevail.

The climate crisis is an existential crisis, according to the Church of Sweden, which will send a large delegation to COP26. “We now need the courage, confidence, and strength to resist resignation and make the necessary changes. Christian faith offers a basis for both hope and the ability to act. Also in times of crisis. We have all been created by God and have a responsibility to protect and take care of the earth. It’s crunchtime!” the message from the bishops ends.

(Full statement in english)

(Photo: Torgny Lindén)