Nordic ecumenical organisations encourage European Union to vote for ecocide law

Nordic ecumenical organisations encourage European Union to vote for ecocide law

In recent times, leaders of religious communities have increasingly raised their voice in support of an Ecocide law. Global leaders such as pope Francis, and church leaders in the Nordic countries have expressed the need for this legal guardrail for the sake of creation, people and just business alike.

Thus, when representatives of the Nordic ecumenical councils met in the beginning of 2023, ecocide law was discussed. In relation to the revision of the European environmental crime directive, several organisations saw a possibility to express their support and encourage members of the European parliament to vote in favour of including a crime of ecocide.

As a result, a letter was sent to about 100 parliamentarians: members of the legal committee JURI, and the Members of Parliament representing Sweden, Finland and Denmark. The letter was sent in two batches to match the timetable of the different votings.

The letter also explains the reasoning behind the churches’ engagement in the process:

“The care for creation lies at the heart of the churches’ calling. Caring for creation includes fostering good conditions for life and restricting destructive human behaviour. With law being an effective method for such restriction, legal questions become relevant for us as religious communities.”

The letter in full length here: [link to letter]

Add your name to support the criminalisation of ecocide in EU:

“ Together we strive to end ecocide and heal the Earth. We are the temples, churches, pagodas, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and sacred sites all around the world. With faith, hope, love and care for our common future! ”

From the Faith for Ecocide law Manifesto