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As humanity, we are in a position we have never been before. We are in the Anthropocene. We have an impact on the whole planetary system, and Nature is sending us warning after warning. Our collective actions are damaging to life on a global scale. Ecocide is happening every day. The climate is changing. Polar ice is melting and seas are rising. Every day, entire species are disappearing from the face of the Earth, never to return. Many of us have forgotten that we are not separate from Nature but a part of life on this planet, and that when we damage Nature, we damage ourselves. 

As humans, we have the ability to contemplate who we are and what we experience. The ecological crisis is an existential crisis, a crisis of understanding our place in the world. For thousands of years, faith traditions have provided humanity with narratives, to understand who we are. As people of faith, we embrace a worldview that includes those who came before us and those who will come after. Mother Earth, or the Creation, has always provided us with everything we need: air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. We need to respect and protect the Earth for our home to remain hospitable, abundant and beautiful into the future. We have the choice now, to become healers, caretakers, and participants in the living whole. To shift the relationship between humanity and nature from harm to harmony.

As people of faith from all around the world, we demand a global response to prevent Ecocide. To live in peace with each other we must live in peace with the Earth. The rules of our societies are laws, and we can change them to protect the most vulnerable and that which is precious. In the Anthropocene a duty of care is required at the very highest level to protect the Earth. Ecocide must become a crime against peace at the International Criminal Court, among the other crimes of concern to the whole international community. 

Together we strive to end Ecocide and to heal the Earth. We are the temples, churches, pagodas, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and sacred sites all around the world. With faith, hope, love and care for our common future!